Friday, January 28, 2011

Chapter I: Primary Elements

A point is self creating, it is simply a position in space which has a beginning and end. 
It is static, directionless and contains no dimension.
It also has no length, width, depth or mass.
A point can be the emphasis or serve as an intersection between two lines. 

The emphasis of looking up at a spiral staircase becomes the roof, or if looking down, it is a portion of the floor. This becomes the point.

A line also has a beginning and end, however it can produce an intersection of lines which can then produce a centre.
It can also be defined as a point extended.
A line expresses directions; straight,horizontal,vertical,curved, etc.
Lines are infinite but contained by points.

Lines in this interior space are almost everywhere. In the ceiling, window frame, column, and of course the furniture. The motif are the straight clean lines.

A plane is flat, therefore it is 2D and has no depth.
It is made up of a series of four lines
You can make a plane by having a pair of columns,
With planes you can generate a sense of movement.
However, when planes have no edges, there won’t be a sense of plane anymore.
The more openings in a plane, the bigger it feels, just like the more mirrors in a room, the bigger the space is.

The Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier is a modern house, and when looked at, the facade(and the rest of the other sides) are flat and like a plane. Modern
houses are typically created like this.

Unlike planes, a volume has length, width and depth, making it 3D.
Uses point, line and plane to exist.
Volumes have form, rather than shape.
They are solid and have mass.
Sometimes volumes are the voids contained in an interior space.
It is created by the shapes and interrelationships of the planes.

Everything in this kitchen gives volume to the room, as it creates a mass. However, the cabinet is also seen as having volume due to its characteristics.

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  1. Your collage really turned out well! I really like how the materials rolls down to the other images. Great layout!