Design Philosophy

I am an aspiring designer, 
motivated to learn, inspired to create.
An individual; fortunate enough to have had adventures in places as far as Sydney, Australia and as close as Milledgeville, Georgia.
What I have learnt from these different cultures, is that design is present in every detail.
From road constructions, to building ornaments.

It is my goal to travel, to indulge in the architecture around me, so that it may stimulate me to produce something from the outside in, and further broaden what my eyes have seen.
It is my goal to master the craft of designing spaces for others to bask in, but still remember that behind every designer, is a team. 
To practice what I learn in the classroom, and apply it to bigger concepts.
To be able to communicate to clients, the importance of protecting our natural environment, because as Designers, we influence the world around us.

It is my notion that every room should be living! To bring this space to life, we have to entertain its future utilizers.
To connect with them and understand their desires.

To nurture the gift of designing brings endless possibilities…and most likely, renovations.
As people grow, design needs to be flexible, yet timeless.

This is my Design Philosophy.