Fun Facts

You learn something new everyday!
Therefore I am dedicating a page for  things I have learnt and found interesting!
I hope you do to.....

Oscar Niemeyer, is a Brazilian Architect who just turned 103 years old and is still designing! That's dedication right there! He designed Brasilia, which is now the capital of Brazil. Professor Preisser once said Interior Design isn't just a job, it's life. Yes, Architecture is definitely Mr Niemeyer's life! Amazing, and so inspirational.

- Last night I was in my Modern Architecture class and found out that Hitler (who I share my birthday with) wasn't a fan of Modern Architecture, therefore he closed down the Bauhaus School.

- Did you know, Frank Gehry is still alive! I'm going to Spain this summer, it's my goal to make it to Bilboa so that I can experience his Guggeinheim creation.

- I have always wanted to render, now I'm finally in that class! However, I recently found out that markers and pencils go together...I'm not a fan of color pencils! But I will master this art....

- Have you ever analyzed an elevator enough to notice that "Otis" is written in almost every single one? Otis didn't invent it, but he did make it safer, enabling skyscrapers to soar into the sky!

- Le Corbusier isn't French! He's Swiss.. and he not only designed, but he painted still lifes too!

-Once upon a time, Hitler wanted to be an architect. Oh how different the world may have been....

- Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe was an architect (Less is More, Fansworth House) who taught at the Bauhaus but then moved to the States and went on to become the Head of Architecture in ITT, Illinois.

- You never know who your professor may be! Walter Gropius founded The Bauhaus and later on taught at Harvard University!

- "The houses we live in leave some of the most lasting impressions on us: the atmosphere of our family life, the issues we take on throughout our lifetime. Behind these old walls that seperated us from the outside, the family grew up, and we lived through joys and sorrows as the years went by unrelentingly" - Oscar Niemeyer. 

- Check out this bubble tent house! Fully equipped with interiors!  :

- I just learnt about I.M Pei, a Chinese American Architect who designed the Glass Pyramid of the Louvre in Paris. He said "Travelling, seeing and visiting is more important that reading a book. Your life becomes richer." So very true! So get out there and open your eyes!

- "The ongoing search for beauty, is what travel is all about." Dubai is included :)